Nordicstay Noarootsi holiday cottages

Unique and stylish, Nordicstay Noaroots holiday cottages are set in a beautiful natural location amidst pine forest and fields.

The complex consists of three different buildings.

One of the cottages is triangular in shape, and the pleasant interior design allows 5 people to relax freely. This forest house also has a wood-fired sauna and a hot tub on the outdoor terrace. The house is set in a pine forest, with a decorative water feature next to it.

The other two houses are stylistically influenced by the Mediterranean-Asian. They are primarily designed for two people, but can accommodate a family member if required. These cottages have comfortable Huum saunas with electric baths and large baths that can comfortably accommodate two people. The rooms have wood-burning fireplaces and a unique experience is provided by the large olive tree in the middle of the room. During the summer, the tree moves to the terrace outside.

Rähni house


Caste hay



Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in our houses. Please contact us if you have any further questions on this subject. Bringing pets without prior notice will result in a fine of €200.

Is there also catering available on site?

The house has a kitchen with a stove. There is also a kettle, coffee machine and smoothie blender. Outside there is a handy, high-quality barbecue by The Bastard. There is no oven.

What's nearby in terms of entertainment and culture?

Noarootsi Lokaal, which offers food and entertainment, is 6 km from the cottages. Österby harbour is 7 km away and also hosts events.

Are firewood available locally?

Yes, firewood is available on site