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  • Linnupesa, Paslepa Village, Lääne-Nigula Parish, 91204 Paslepa, Estonia

Our story

About us and our cabins

Hey-hey! We're a family of four who moved to Noarootsi in 2011 to get a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We immediately fell in love with the way of life here. This was easy, of course, because the land on which we began to build our home is next to maris' grandparents' home.  Over the years, the desire to build something here that offers others an experience matured in us. Two unique triangular log houses were completed by April 2021. Our goal was not to offer a conventional rental house, but to have the whole solution as if it were a full package. That you feel welcome and that everything you need is in the house. With soul and heart, we have built these houses and contributed a lot ourselves.

In the autumn period of 2022, we will also open two new holiday homes with a Mediterranean and Balinese vibe in style. These houses are designed for two people, but if necessary, we can also comfortably accommodate children to sleep.


See you at Noaroots!

Maris and Enn


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