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Rules and conditions


We value privacy. The customer's contact details and other information are only available to us, which we need to contact you in connection with the booking. We do not share information about our customers to third parties.



In order to confirm your booking, it is necessary to pay the booking amount within 24 hours to our current account number, which you will receive by e-mail. If you make a reservation for the same day, it is necessary to pay the amount immediately before the check-in time and also call in advance that you made the reservation for today, because then we can react more quickly to the last minute arrival.



Bookings can be cancelled free of charge 30 days before arrival. We will then refund the amount paid by you in full. In a shorter period of time, you can change the booking and choose a new, more suitable date. If the new date has a higher price, then the financial difference must be paid. If the new date has a lower price, the changes will not apply.  Since diseases and other things do not cry out when they come, we will definitely find a suitable solution for everyone. Our goal is for the customer to enjoy their expected holiday!


Check in/Check out

Check-in from 15.30 and check-out until 11.30. If it is possible for us to offer past or later going/coming, we will do so.


House upkeep

The client gets their use of a clean house and we expect the client to maintain prudent property and cleanliness. When leaving the accommodation, it is good practice to put all the dishes in the dishwasher and the machine to work. In addition, you can also take self-generated garbage to a trash can located on the territory. If you have broken something or if the house is dirty after accommodation, we will send information and pictures and additional invoices according to the market price of the item and the cleaning agent's price list. The person making the booking is responsible for the maintenance of the house and items during the rental period chosen by him or her.



Nordicstay Noaroots holiday cottages are designed for people who enjoy nature and value privacy. Loud music and other noise is prohibited. If you have decided to book two cottages, this information still applies. Quiet background music is allowed until 22.00 (September-April) 23.00 (May-August).



Please be careful when it comes to fires, candles and heating stoves. It is forbidden to leave candles on fire unattended. Damage caused by combustion/burning must be compensated by the customer. In windy weather, it is forbidden to make open fire outside. Moving on the stairs in the house is the responsibility of the client. Bathing in the pond is allowed if there is enough water ( in the summer there is little water). In winter, you can go to the pond ice at your own risk if the customer is convinced that the ice is thick enough. Jumping into the water is prohibited because the pond is shallow.


Hot tub

The barrel oven may be set under fire only when the barrel is at least three quarters full of water. Water can be added to the barrel from the hose, which is located on the side of the house. It is most convenient to heat up to 38 degrees. During heating, hold on top of the barrel knife. Also put a lid on for the night. After bathing, pull the cap from the bottom. If you plan to use the barrel in the next/following days, you can leave it in the water. In winter, when there are minus degrees, we put water in the barrel itself and start heating to prevent frostbite in the water system and in the oven.


Smoking is prohibited inside the houses. Fine €200

When booking, indicate the exact number of people. The price of accommodation depends on the number of people. No more people are allowed than indicated in the booking.

Pets are not allowed. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If there are any additional questions regarding the rules and if anything needs to be clarified, please feel free to contact us.




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